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Welcome to Scrub Buds, your trusted partner in final cleaning for construction projects throughout the greater Charlotte area. We understand that efficiency and reliability are paramount for project managers looking to deliver their projects on time and within budget. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in final cleaning, construction clean-up, and construction deep cleaning services designed to meet the unique demands of any project, no matter the scale.

At Scrub Buds, we’re committed to providing top-tier cleaning solutions that ensure your site is spotless, safe, and ready for handover the moment we’re done. Let us handle the cleanup so you can focus on the big picture.

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Comprehensive Final Cleaning for Every Construction Project

Our final cleaning services cover every aspect of post construction cleanliness, ensuring every corner of your project sparkles professionally and precisely. From dusting and washing all surfaces to removing construction debris and polishing floors, our comprehensive cleaning checklist is tailored to meet the stringent standards required in the construction industry.

Our commitment to customization and scalable solutions sets our approach apart. Whether it’s a boutique retail space, an apartment complex, or a sprawling commercial complex, we adjust our methods and teams to fit your project’s specific needs and scale. Our ability to seamlessly adapt allows us to deliver impeccable results consistently, ensuring that small renovations receive the same attention to detail as large commercial developments.

Our team is equipped with state of the art cleaning technology, ensuring we clean effectively. This commitment to superior quality makes Scrub Buds the preferred choice for project managers who prioritize excellence in their cleaning solutions. With us, you can expect a final clean that enhances the value of your construction effort and impresses stakeholders at every level.

  • Plumbing: Clean and polish all fixtures such as tubs, shower stalls, and toilets; no abrasive cleaners like muriatic acid.
  • Light Fixtures: Dust, polish, and clean exteriors of lenses, globes, chains, and bulbs.
  • HVAC: Vacuum and clean all intakes, registers, and exposed ductwork.
  • Hardware: Remove labels, clean and polish thresholds, handles, and door knobs.
  • Countertops: Clean and polish all countertops, sinks, vanity tops, and lavatories as per manufacturers’ recommendations; no abrasive cleaners.
  • Mirrors: Clean and polish mirrors and frames.
  • Walls: Clean smudges, marks, and fingerprints from walls.
  • Doors: Wipe down front, back, knobs, and kick plates.
  • Appliances: Clean and polish.
  • Railings: Wipe down all railings.
  • Dusting: Dust all horizontal surfaces below 8 feet.
  • Adhesive Removal: Remove unwanted adhesives, labels, drywall mud, and paint overspray.
  • Utility Closets: Clear debris from water heater and furnace compartments; vacuum.
  • Carpet: Vacuum all carpeted areas.
  • Hard Floors: Sweep or vacuum and thoroughly mop all floors.
  • Windows: Ensure the windows are sticker-free and the glass is cleaned thoroughly.

Why Choose Our Final Cleanup Services?

Tailored solutions to meet project-specific needs

We offer customized cleaning plans designed specifically for the unique requirements and scale of your project, ensuring optimal cleanliness and efficiency.

Experienced and skilled cleaning professionals

Highly trained and experienced professionals. Each member is trained in the latest cleaning techniques and is committed to delivering exceptional results on every job.

State of the art equipment

We invest in the latest cleaning technology and equipment to ensure high efficiency and superior results. Our state of the art tools allow us to tackle any cleaning challenge, big or small, with precision and speed.

Streamline Your Projects with Our Construction Deep Cleaning

Scrub Buds’ cleaning services are designed to integrate seamlessly into larger project management frameworks, significantly reducing downtime and streamlining project completion. Here are a few examples of how we achieve this:

  1. Scheduling Flexibility: We coordinate closely with project managers to schedule cleaning phases at the most opportune times, avoiding any disruption to ongoing work. This flexibility allows for continuous progress on the construction site without delays caused by cleaning operations.
  2. Pre-Completion Cleaning: Our team conducts multiple cleaning rounds before the final inspection. This approach not only prepares the site for the final review but also allows construction teams to address any last-minute adjustments or corrections without the interference of post-construction debris and dust.
  3. Real-Time Communication: We maintain open lines of communication with project managers, providing regular updates on cleaning progress and any issues encountered. This immediate feedback loop ensures that any potential delays are addressed promptly, keeping the project on track.


By ensuring that our cleaning tasks are well-coordinated with the overall project timeline, Scrub Buds help minimize downtime and contribute to the smooth and timely completion of construction projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our construction final cleaning includes dust removal, debris cleanup, window and glass cleaning, floor sweeping and mopping, and detailed cleaning of all surfaces and fixtures to ensure the site is ready for final inspection or move-in.

If you’re needing a final cleaning in Charlotte or the nearby areas of Huntersville, Concord, Monroe, Fort Mill, Rock Hill and Gastonia, get in touch with us.

We coordinate closely with project managers to schedule cleaning at optimal times, ensuring our services are integrated seamlessly into your overall project timeline without causing delays. Our team is adept at working efficiently to meet strict deadlines.

Yes, Scrub Buds is equipped to manage large-scale cleaning projects. We have a robust team and sufficient resources to handle extensive cleaning requirements for large commercial developments and complex construction sites.

Our rates vary based on the scope and size of the project. We provide customized quotes after assessing the specific needs and requirements of your construction site to ensure fair pricing and comprehensive coverage.

Our focus on thorough, tailored cleaning solutions and our commitment to meeting the specific timelines and requirements of construction projects set us apart. We pride ourselves on reliability and the ability to adapt our services to any project size or type.

We handle Final cleanings a in Charlotte, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Matthews, Mint Hill, Pineville, Hemby Bridge, Indian Trail, Lake Park, Marvin, Monroe, Stallings, Unionville, Waxhaw, Weddington, Wesley Chapel, Rock Hill, Indian Land, Fort Mill and Wingate. Give us a call today to book your final cleaning.